Automotive Industry

The current challenges in the automotive market include the relocation of production sites, environmental legislation and the fragmentation from mass production towards low-volume product lines. At the same time, technological requirements for automobiles are growing, as is the demand for safety and comfort. Our customers can rely on us as partners to successfully master those challenges.

When it comes to manufacturing diverse and high-performance components and systems to specific requirements, yet cost-effectively, design engineers can have confidence in the performance capability of our special steel. We deliver consistently high-quality customised solutions for engine components, high-pressure pumps, exhaust gas systems, chassis components, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and airbags.

We share with our customers and partners from the automotive industry our enthusiasm for strong and successful products. We guarantee the very highest level of quality, precision and reliability for our products – because safety, speed, execution expertise and dependability are our top priority and the basis of our excellent reputation around the world.

Automotive Competence - for example for steel leightweight components

Lightweight construction is playing an increasingly important role in reducing the consumption of conventional drives or optimizing the range of electric vehicles. Find out more about our automotive competence on the innovations page.