Hydraulic Elements

Hydraulic elements are exposed to huge stresses, because as precision parts they have to fulfil their purpose reliably and safely year after year. As a supplier of special steel, Swiss Steel Group is setting standards for high-grade and superior-grade steels in global competition.

Our customers can rely on the performance of our special steel for any field of application. Besides excellent strength, our steel boasts outstanding machining properties and a dimensionally accurate smooth surface, for reliable use in hydraulic technology.

We attach great value to excellent quality as well as cost-effectiveness, efficient production and low part costs. This is our commitment, for simple components and sensitive applications alike. Swiss Steel Group offers tailor-made, high-quality products to meet the rising performance and quality requirements of hydraulics and pneumatics thanks to a consistent focus on special steel. Working together with our customers, we find customised solutions for hydraulic elements to withstand any required, even exceptional, stresses.